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What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a special standalone webpage which serves as an entry-point where a visitor from a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing platform (like Google Adwords) lands on and performs the desired action (like filling out the inquiry form).

Landing Page

Why do you need a "Landing Page"?

Pay Per Click Advertising has made it possible to generate instant leads and for this you need a well designed landing page. Landing Pages are designed to “capture the lead" by collecting information like name, email and phone number of the potential customer. Landing pages are gaining immense popularity in digital marketing as they expedite lead generation through Pay Per Click Marketing. Landing pages design is therefore one of the most sought-after services in the market today.

Landing Page Design Process

Landing page designing is not like regular website design. It calls for Google Adwords Landing Pages.

Google Adwords Landing Pages. Landing Pages have exceptional importance in Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click Advertising. The quality of the landing page decides the quality score of the Google Ad which in turn is an important deciding factor in the position of your ad. So greater the quality score of the landing page, higher is the position of your Google ad which means more clicks, more leads, higher CTR, lower CPC and a positive ROI.

Features of Landing Page

  • No need of a full-fledged website
  • Can be hosted on DigitalTokri Pune's server
  • Minimum Niche Content Required
  • Promote product or service
  • Expand customer base
  • Induce users to fill up a form or contact the company
  • Furnish important information to visitors
  • Add to customer base and email newsletter list
  • Increase conversion of inquiries into potential customers

Elements of Landing Pages

A landing page usually features a form with all the relevant questions that you need to ask the visitors. It also has appropriate sections, buttons and links that a user may need to use, e.g. a button for making a phone call, submitting feedback or type comments. From the digital marketing perspective, landing page design incorporates components from pay per click marketing, social media marketing, website design and content marketing.

Landing Page Designing

DigitalTokri Pune's Landing Page Comprises the following elements:

  • Engaging Graphics and Content
  • We promote your USPs
  • Powerful Call to Action
  • Attractive main headline and a sub-headline
  • Salient features of your product/ service
  • Advantages and key highlights
  • Appealing media- images or videos promoting your product/ service
  • Social proof
  • A reinforcement statement
  • Form for collection of information
  • A closing argument
  • Adequate white space

The DigitalTokri Pune Benefit

  • DigitalTokri Pune is experienced Digital Marketing Company that specializes in Pay Per Click Marketing.
  • At DigitalTokri Pune we are experts in lead generation using Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing.
  • We host your landing pages.
  • Sound understanding Google Adwords and Facebook landing page guidelines.
  • Our clients include some of the big names of Pune Real Estate Business.
  • We manage PPC accounts that account to Rs. 25 Lakh in expenses per month.
  • We deliver ROI driven results.
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