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Lead Generation Services in Pune

Lead Generation through Digital Marketing Services like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Google Adwords, LinkedIn

At Digital Tokri, Lead Generation Company Pune, we understand that the aim of all digital marketing services is to generate leads. But in today’s competitive world mere lead generation is not enough. That’s why, our mantra is “Maximum Leads with a Healthy ROI". Digital marketing is among the first options when it comes to generating leads for businesses. It doesn’t just happen overnight but if done in the right way, online lead generation tends to deliver consistent results in a decent amount of time.

As an experienced lead generation company in PUNE, our ideology is pretty simple. There is a “demand" for your services and products out there in the market and you are ready to fulfill that demand by supplying the requisite services and products. At Digital Tokri Lead Generation Company, we devise digital campaigns that expedite your efforts to supply the demands of your audience. Digital Marketing has emerged as a proven and affordable lead generation channel for B2B and B2C verticals. Digital Tokri specializes in lead generation through the following digital marketing channels:

Lead Generation Company in Pune
Image depicting "Targeted Lead Generation"

Lead Generation through Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click is the quickest digital marketing method of lead generation. PPC services comes in two flavors – “Search Engine Marketing" and “Social Media Marketing" a.k.a “Paid Social". While Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as the name suggests is an “active" way of reaching your target audience who are searching for the services/products offered by you. On the other hand Social Media Marketing is a “passive" channel of reaching your prospective customers. At Digital Tokri PPC Company Pune we leverage Paid Search and Paid social campaigns to generate leads for your business.

Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click

Digital Tokri is a leading Google Adwords company in Pune. Our paid advertising services help you reach your target audience and have greater control on the lead generation activities. We are past masters in generating leads and sales with Google Adwords Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing. Our proven Google Adwords methodology guarantees lesser Cost-Per-Click, higher volume of sales/leads, higher conversion ratio, and a healthy ROI. Google Adwords Pay Per Click is the most used online lead generation channel and can be setup instantly. Our lead generation services include sales/lead funnel design, customized landing page designs, keyword research, negative keyword research, keyword segmentation, determining keyword match-type, account setup and structuring (Campaigns, AdGroups, Ads etc), location targeting and so on.

Lead Generation using Google Adwords
Lead Generation using Google Adwords
Social Media Lead Generation
Social Media leverages "passive" Lead Generation

Lead Generation through Social Media

At Digital Tokri Pune Lead Generation Company, we leverage Social Media Optimization (Organic) and Social Media Marketing (Paid Ads) services to generate high quality leads for your B2B/B2C businesses. We thoroughly understand the news-feed algorithm that these platforms use. We are skilled in running lead generation campaigns on the following social media platforms. Being a digital marketing company we are proficient how to drive quality traffic to.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Lead Generation through Facebook Advertising

With more and more people turning to Facebook – it offers a huge potential for generating leads and sales for your B2B/B2C company. We have vast experience in setting up and maintaining lead generation campaigns on Facebook Ads and Facebook Lead Ads. Un-professional and mediocre lead generation attempts using digital marketing channels can ruin your ROI. At Digital Tokri Pune we are accomplished in generating “qualified" leads for your business, with a healthy ROI.

SEO for Lead Generation
SEO for Lead Generation

Lead Generation through SEO (Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the cheapest method of generating leads and sales online. Digital Tokri is an accomplished SEO company in Pune with a proven track record in generating sales/leads though organic listings. Our motto as a website design company in PUNE is create websites that generate leads and sales". We are expert in creating search engine friendly websites that rank higher in search engines. With are tried and tested SEO techniques you are guaranteed higher search engine listings that greatly improve your visibility thus generating more sales/leads. With Digital Tokri Pune’s SEO solutions you are guaranteed quicker and long lasting lead generation cycle.

Lead Generation through Content Marketing

The backbone of all digital marketing campaigns is CONTENT. Whether it is a website, a blog, social media promotions, google adwords landing pages, pay-per-click advertising or just any other online marketing campaign – they are all CONTENT driven. Search engines rank websites in search results based on the quality of the content. We understand the importance of content in digital marketing and how it can generate leads and sales for any business. Realize the true potential of your business with Digital Tokri Pune’s content marketing services. Our content writers create unique, engaging and citable content that helps reach your target audience, organically (SEO and SMO).

Content Marketing for Lead Generation
Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Lead Generation for Businesses

We have the lead generation blueprint ready. In today’s digital age people spend half of their time online, this presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audience and garner more qualified leads. Unlike the outdoor advertising, digital marketing campaigns are targeted, measurable and customizable. You have far greater control on your campaigns which you can fine-tune for better ROI. Digital campaigns can help your business generate more qualified and targeted leads than your outdoor advertising. We have all the ingredients for a successful lead generation – this includes “domain expertise". Our content writers, digital marketing analysts and SEO analysts are well versed with all the major business verticals, our domain expertise guarantees success. At Digital Tokri PUNE we cater to vast segment of business verticals like Real Estate, eCommerce, Local Small Businesses, Retail, Hospitality Industry, Restaurants, Travel/Tourism Industry, Engineering Companies, Educational Organizations etc. Given our vast experience of serving to a plethora of business verticals we can help you generate sales with our digital marketing solutions.