How to craft a Real Estate Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy is a digital approach of creating a business goal and track it for its success. Before determining any social media strategy one should analyse goals, engage with the audience and optimize the results.

The Internet has changed the way we live, think and buy. Since the advent of the Internet, most of the time a home buying process starts with a quick Google search.

Offline or online, the real estate market will always have competition. This is something we all can agree on. So how you make a better impression than others? Well, this is how…

Promote locality

Everyone in the business wants to sell the product. You’re barely scratching the surface if you are only promoting the product.

People do not usually have a particular project or developer in mind when they think of buying a home. People generally have options for areas where they wish to invest. These desired localities either offer good returns on investment or are in proximity to workplaces.

Promoting a locality builds trust within your targeted audience. Talking about a locality in terms of benefits of investing in a particular area, real estate trends & overview over the years for that area help educate your target audience.

Educate buyers

Don’t sell but educate. Instead of focusing on selling your product, focus on truly understanding what your buyer is looking for. Understand that nowadays buyers are more aware of the surroundings. There are many online portals that are the third party and therefore offer unbiased opinions. This means your buyers are more educated than before. So where’s the catch? Well, the catch is that these portals often provide marketing materials than educational materials.

Engage with your audience

Blogging is a perfect way to interact with your audience and educate them. Remember every like, follow and comment serves a purpose. Getting engagements on any social media platform can help grow your audience.

digital engagement

Connect, communicate and engage with your audience to offer them human personified experience.

Video marketing

Video marketing is emerging as the most popular trend on social media. Videos are more engaging and potential of conversions.

Few facts about video marketing:

  • 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day
  • 7 out of 10 marketing professionals are optimizing video for SEO
  • Video in an email leads to a 200 – 300% increase in click-through rates.
  • Animated videos can increase conversion rate by 20%

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is very primary yet key social media strategy. For real estate, it is important to know what social media platform you should be using.

social media marketing

While Facebook has the biggest database of the users, it thereby caters to a wide variety of population. Facebook is widely used for lead generation and conversions. Instagram rather caters to a younger audience.

It is imperative to have completed profiles across all platforms. This helps people in case they want to reach out to you. Always have plenty of call to action, schedule a site visit, call now, download brochure links on your website, pages as well as all media platforms.

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